We, are farmers and producers of our own Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Wild Aromatic Herbs. We are personally engaged in every production stage, from cultivation to packaging, as active workers and watchful overseers to ensure the superior quality of our products and the preservation of the pristine land we own and cultivate. Our goal is to provide to each one of our customers pure products that represent the Greek dietary tradition and honour the Mediterranean Diet.

Nikolas Philippidis

‘The best time of the year is harvest season. When you work just with the trees’

A random visit to Skillountia in Olympia, combined with my love for the island of Andros, its beauty and the superiority of its local products, led me to the discovery of the prospect and the possibilities offered when working with the land. I decided to turn with passion to a job. Together with George Moforis, an intimate childhood friend, we founded Hellenic Fields. We threw ourselves on the job with ardor. We were trained on all stages of production and commerce of olive oil by professionals established in the field, experts on the topic and lovers of Greek nature. We were informed of all the techniques for harvesting the fruit of the olive tree and storing it as well as the correct operation of olive presses. We worked with those we knew they meet our standards, follow our techniques and agree with the way we want to produce.

George Moforis

Comprehensive management of our olive groves is the practical verification of our love for the nature that hosts us!

I studied Civil Engineering with post-graduate studies in Scotland. For 10 years I worked as a Project Manager in various projects. In 2012, together with my close friend Nikolas Philippidis, we took the decision to start together on new professional path. We trained on the entire spectrum of the production process and the cultivation of olive trees and herbs, we dedicated ourselves to training on our chosen subject, endeavoring to become truly knowledgeable as much on the traditional cultivation practices as on all the modern techniques used by the sciences of ecology and olive growing.

Our first year brought exceptional results which armed us with courage and filled us with enthusiasm and pride. With the eyes turned to the best possible yield of our products, we continue learning, training, making better products and advocate with actions that the best road to success for our company is the products themselves.

our team

Andreas Giannopoulos

Sales Director

Katerina Lalagianni

Marketing Director

Nikos Anastasopoulos

Production Manager

Zina Giannopoulou


Michalis Kavvadias

Bottling and Packaging

Iro Bolota

Agricultural Technologist

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