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    Our superior quality honeys are ena ena sourced from selected regions of Greece, known for their apiculture tradition!

    Our Flowers

    Harvest & Production

    Our honey is the product of dedicated and passionate bee-keepers that take pride in their everyday practices, collected directly from hives, under strict protocols of production.

    Unfiltered and extracted below 35 degrees without pasteurization, free of any chemical or heat treatment that destroys their nutritional value, sealed and packaged by the highest quality and safety standards in premium glass jars, and always maintaining their nutritional properties intact and prolonging shelf life.

    Our Honey

    Quality & Recognition

    They are constantly evaluated for their color, aroma, flavor, viscosity, purity and quality by sensory evaluations and chemical tests at every stage of their production, from harvest to package.

    Our exceptional honeys are multi-awarded in international competitions for their exceptional taste and quality.

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