Map with location of our Groves

We hold our own olive groves and have also formed collaborations with local farmers in the fertile land of Olympia, in the rocky Laconian Mani and in the blessed island of Andros. We follow an Integrated Management System, both on grove-specific and holistic level, staying faithful to our core beliefs: natural sustainability, quality experience, high nutritional value and unique taste

Ancient Skillountia Olympia

Ilia, Peloponese

Our olive groves are found in Skillountia, the ancient Scillus, a small Greek village, located in the hills south of the river Alfeios, the biggest river in the Peloponnese with total length of 110 km, which forms its northern border and 7 km southeast of Olympia, in Ilia.  The area is inhabited since the Stone Ages and has rich historical past, starting from Homer times.  The inhabitants of the ancient city of Skillountia had the supervision of the Olympic Games in classical times, from the 8th century BC to the 4th century AD. In Skillountia, Xenophon lived for 20 years and wrote most of its works, including “Anabasis”. At the top of the hill, just before you enter the village, there is a 4th century Doric peripheral temple that may be the temple of Athena. Remains of the façade sculptures show a battle between Gods and Giants and a battle between Greeks and Amazons. From the summit, one looks down on the Alfeios as it winds its way towards Olympia. Its territory stretches from the plains of the Ionian Sea coast to the forested mountains of southeastern Ilia.

This zone combines a great ecosystem of birds, amphibians and fish with rich vegetation, riverside green willow forests and plentiful waters

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Kokkala East Mani

Laconia, Peloponnese

Mani in Laconia is an austerely beautiful peninsula, with silvery olive groves lining the west coast and rocky mountains, plunging into the sea on the east. It is bristled with stone towers, castles and frescoed chapels, built in defiance of the Turks and various other passing enemies during the Ottoman era. Kokkala is a small seaside village, built on a small cove with white pebbles.

Our olive groves are blessed with olive trees of Koroneiki variety, which have been grown untouched by human intervention for 50 to 100 years and wild aromatic herbs

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Andros Island


Andros, the largest second island of the Cyclades, is mostly mountainous with many fruitful and well-watered valleys. It is quite different compared to most of the Cycladic islands, due to its relatively rich vegetation and natural water sources, making it the greenest Cycladic island with complex geomorphology and rich biodiversity. Stone terraces, abundant threshing floors and olive presses, towers, water and wind mills, buildings of beehives, a 300km network of stone-paved footpaths, traditional green villages, rivers, small waterfalls, springs and lush vegetation, such as chestnuts, walnuts, oaks and olive trees, fields of thyme, crocus and sage make Andros island so unique.

This island of rare natural beauty with rich diverse vegetation hosts our olive trees with our strongly aromatic thyme popping up among them.

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