‘ena ena’, we take care of our olive groves depending on their individual needs

Adhering to the principles of environmental preservation and least possible interference, we care for our trees and plants ena ena. We adjust to their special requirements, in order to prevent diseases and infestations, without the use of chemical pesticides or fertilizers. Our olive groves are covered by wild herbs, weeds and flowers that keep the soil fertile, moisturized and protected. In this way, we optimize the soil’s nutrient withholding properties and minimize the need for water. At spring, bee hives are placed in strategic spots within the groves, in order to promote pollination. As such, we safeguard the vitality of our groves, maintaining and protecting the characteristics of the microclimate and agricultural landscape. We follow an Integrated Management System both on the grove-specific and holistic level, staying faithful to our core beliefs: natural sustainability, quality experience, high nutritional value and unique taste

‘ena ena’, we carefully select our associates

We are really proud to collaborate with a number of dedicated people who are committed to the company’s values and everyday contribute to the development of premium quality products. Our associates are local farmers, olive millers and beekeepers, who “ena ena” have convinced us for their professional integrity and unreserved devotion to pure quality of their produce. This special blend of their inherited traditional knowledge and unsurpassed craftsmanship, transferred through generations, with our philosophy on environmental preservation, quality and safety procedures is depicted to every one of our products.  Our respectful collaboration has expanded our knowledge, business practices and experiences. These partnerships share but one goal: the production of unique high quality products for our customers’ satisfaction, health and well-being, in complete synergy with natureature

ena ena’,we supervise and control all the stages of the production process

We are personally engaged in every stage of the production process. We are present at the olive grove, the field, the mountain, wherever our plants may blossom and bear fruit. We know and nurture our plants “ena ena”, monitor their flowering and witness the fruition. We lead the harvest, the sorting and the transportation to the olive mill. We carefully oversee and fine tune the oil extraction process and undertake the bottling in our new facilities, where our green gold is sealed in premium fine glass bottles and shipped worldwide. We also”ena ena” collect, sort, dry and package our variety of herbs. We are always present at the harvest of our honey, helping, participating, learning and standing beside our beekeepers


‘ena ena’, we ensure the high nutritional value, superior quality and unique aesthetics of our products

Thorough inspection and quality control procedures are used for each one of our products in every stage of the production process, from field to package. Constant sensory evaluations and laboratory chemical analyses are conducted to achieve and ensure the highest quality. In addition to international safety and quality standards, “ena ena” product is packaged with specialized and innovative techniques in our facilities, which guarantee that superior quality is maintained throughout its life cycle. The excellence and safety of our products in nutritional value and aesthetic experience are inextricably linked to our core values as a team and a cornerstone for the existence and development of our company

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