Extra Virgin Olive Oil Chef’s Choice

Available in Bag-in-Box of 5lt

Product Description: Superior Quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Origin: Peloponnese

Olive Variety: Koroneiki and Manaki

Extraction: Cold-pressed (<27ᵒC), within 12 hours after harvest

Acidity : <0.8%

A general-purpose extra virgin olive oil that is perfect for every culinary use, making an outstanding partner for cooking, baking, frying, grilling or drizzling.

This superior quality extra virgin olive oil is produced from selected olive groves in Peloponnese and combines two of the most unique and acknowledged Greek olive varieties, Koroneiki and Manaki, which produce extra virgin olive oils of excellent quality. The Koroneiki variety with the small olives has large amounts of phenolic compounds and an intensive herbal and fruity taste. The typical oval-shaped Manaki olives are known for their tender flavor and their classification as one of the oldest varieties in Greece. ena ena CHEF’S CHOICE is a well-balanced extra virgin olive oil of high nutritional value, featuring an aromatic character with pungent attributes of medium intensity and a mild taste with a pleasing overall sensation, ready to captivate even the most demanding of connoisseurs