Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Lemonthyme

Available in glass bottle of 250ml

Product Description: Natural Condiment of EVOO with Lemonthyme , Superior Quality, Limited Quantity

Olive Variety: Mono-varietal, Koroneiki (100%)

Extraction: Cold-pressed (<25ᵒC), within 12 hours after harvest

Acidity: <0,8%


Perfect for livening up marinades, grilled meat and fish, serving as a subtle replacement for lemon. It adds an aromatic edge to tomato salad, or fresh goat's cheese. It's also great in desserts such as strawberry carpaccio, lemon pound cake.

The fragrant lemonthyme is one of the most popular herbs straight from the Greek countryside. This unique herb became our inspiration for creating for the first time this one-of-a kind product. “Ena ena Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Lemon Thyme” is a new delicious combination that will give a special, lemon-flavored taste to your dishes. For this specific condiment, we used Extra Virgin Olive Oil from the Koroneiki variety, from olive trees located in the sacred land of Ancient Olympia. The second key ingredient is our lemonthyme from our groves in Olympia. It is a fragrant shrub, with small green leaves that smell like lemon. It helps with any digestive issues, it is tonic and especially antioxidant, while its leaves are an excellent source of iron, calcium, magnesium, selenium, potassium, vitamin C and A. Lemon thyme is known for its aroma and beneficial properties, while from its flowers comes the famous thyme honey. “Ena ena Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Lemon Thyme” will impress you with its unique taste and aroma, and it will become a favorite ingredient for seasoning