Greek Forest Honey from Peloponnese

Luxury glass jar of 420g labeled by hand with a black lid and a safety seal

Product Description: Superior Quality Greek Forest Honey

Origin: Peloponnese

Quality attributes: 100% Natural, Superior Quality, no preservatives, no additives, Ethereal aroma, Pine, Chestnut, Oak, Fir and Eucalyptus Trees, Wild Herbs and Flowers

Combine it with extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar to prepare delicious dressings for green salads and roasted vegetables. Use it in marinades for game, poultry and pork

In the forests of Peloponnese, there is a rich variety of pine, eucalyptus, oak and chestnut trees, where indigenous bushes, aromatic herbs and wild flowers grow naturally in their shadows. Bees are transferred to carefully selected regions, in order to collect the valuable honeydew of various coniferous trees and the valuable nectar of thousands different wild flowers and aromatic herbs, such as savory, thyme, oregano, sage, daises, roses and produce this premium quality honey, which collects all the unique scents and aromas of the forest. This rich floral diversity composes its complex character and its strong antioxidant properties distinguish it for its high nutritional value. Ena ena Greek Forest Honey is the result of this harmonic collaboration of bees and forest, unfolding the balance of the Mediterranean climate in a jar with the highest quality and safety standards. It has bright color and distinct flavor that slightly varies depending on the bees’ nectar and honeydew collection of the region.