Extra Virgin Olive Oil Pure Drop

Available in Glass bottle of 100ml, 250ml and 500ml, Bag in a box of 3lt

Product DescriptionPremium Quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Origin: Ancient Skillountia, Ilia, Peloponnese
Olive Variety: Mono-varietal, Koroneiki (100%), from our selected olive groves
Extraction: Cold-pressed (<23ᵒC), within 10 hours after harvest
Acidity : 0.17%


Its distinct fresh aroma and mild aftertaste make it ideal for using it in cooking for extra pure taste, but also for garnishing, dressing in salads and vegetables

The fertile land of Ancient Skillountia, in the sacred Olympia, nourishes our Koroneiki variety olive trees with valuable nutrients, for hundreds of years. With respect to the principles of environmental protection and minimal intervention, the trees are under our constant nurturance and surveillance throughout the year, so we know exactly the right time and day to start their harvest cycle. Olives are carefully picked, sorted out and carried to the mill for extraction within hours after harvesting, retaining their beneficial properties. Bottling with the highest quality standards, in our modernly- equipped facilities, ensures that our Extra Virgin Olive Oil retains its fresh aroma, delicate taste and valuable nutrients