Wild Greek Sage Flowers and Leaves from Mani

Premium glass jar 10g for wild sage flowers
Resealable bag in carbon box of 25g for wild sage leaves and flowers

Product Description: Greek Wild Sage Flowers and Leaves
Scientific Name: Salvia pomifera
Origin: East Mani, Laconia, Peloponnese
Quality Attributes: 100% natural, wild-grown, wild-crafted, aromatic, rich in flavor and essential oils, dried naturally, not subjected to any processing, free of pesticides, chemical fertilizers, additives or enhancers


It pairs well with roast chicken and grilled meats, seasons any type of tomato-based sauce and enhances the taste of potatoes and vegetable soups

Sage was used in infusion or beverage form for healing or preventive purposes long before it was used to impart flavor to many dishes. Sage tea has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antiseptic and relaxant properties, reduces muscle tension and menopausal symptoms, relieves indigestion and improves memory. Our ena ena Greek Wild Sage grows naturally in our olive groves in Mani, in complete harmony with our olive trees. We monitor all the stages of its life cycle, ensuring its superior quality and nutritional value. Sage’s flowers and leaves are collected by hand one by one, ensuring the protection of the plant and the ecosystem of the region and are carefully dried by natural methods without undergoing any processing, retaining their mint fragrance aroma and spicy flavor. In the Mediterranean diet, sage is used in dishes as seasoning or as herbal tea. Even a small amount is enough for great taste results. Adding sage to a dish is a great way to enhance flavor, without adding extra calories or salt.Sage tea can be consumed for digestion after meals or as a relaxing beverage during evening hours.