Wild Greek Savory from Olympia

Premium glass jar 7g for wild savory flowers
Resealable bag in carbon box of 25g for wild savory leaves and flowers

Product Description: Greek Wild Savory Flowers and Leaves

Scientific Name: Satureja thymbra

Origin: Olympia, Ilia, Peloponnese

Quality Attributes: 100% natural, wild-grown, wild-crafted, aromatic, rich in flavor and essential oils,      dried naturally, not subjected to any processing, free of pesticides, chemical fertilizers, additives or enhancers


It seasons a dish without the need for salt or pepper. It complements well with beef and chicken soup, fish, pork, lamb, game, green vegetables, marinades, stuffing and eggs. A savory tea relieves of diarrhea, stomachache and mild sore throat. Diabetics use it to control excessive thirst. Rubbing a savory leaf on an insect bite will bring instant relief.

Savory is native to the Mediterranean, where it flourishes in abundance. In the sacred and fertile land of Olympia, our ena ena Greek Wild Savory naturally grows among our olive trees, in complete harmony with them. We monitor all the stages of its life cycle, ensuring its superior quality and nutritional value. Savory’s flowers and leaves are collected by hand one by one, ensuring the protection of the plant and the ecosystem of the region and are carefully dried by natural methods without undergoing any processing, retaining their distinct aroma and unique taste. Savory is a strong culinary herb with a flavor that is reminiscent of oregano and thyme. It is a basic ingredient of the Mediterranean cuisine for flavoring food and of herbal teas for its antiseptic and digestive properties. Its wonderful distinct piquancy brings an agreeable tasty element to relatively mild foods, without overpowering them. Its aromatic odor is released by rubbing prior to use. Savory is very spicy and can be used as a substitute for salt. It is used as a seasoning for green vegetables and pairs well with beef and chicken soup, fish, pork, lamb, game, marinades.