Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Wild Oregano

Available in glass bottle of 250ml

Product Description: Natural Condiment of EVOO with Wild Oregano, Superior Quality, Limited Quantity

Olive Variety: Mono-varietal, Koroneiki (100%)

Extraction: Cold-pressed (<25ᵒC), within 12 hours after harvest

Acidity: <0,8%


Ideal for dips with your favorite warm bread, salad dressings, pasta and pizza sauces and perfect for marinating chicken, pork, steak, fish or roasted potatoes.

Our Koroneiki variety extra virgin olive oil ena ena Pure Drop from the sacred land of Olympia meets the beneficial properties and fragrance of our wild-grown ena ena Oregano, this highly prized Mediterranean herb, from East Mani in Southern Peloponnese. Their combination rewards us with a premium quality flavored-infused extra virgin olive oil of exceptional fragrance, slightly bitter taste and high nutritional value. ena ena Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Wild Oregano is a unique gourmet product, capturing the healthy nutrients of the Mediterranean Greek diet and adding depth and structure to any culinary creation that calls for oregano. A unique gourmet product, representative of the health benefits of the Mediterranean Diet that adds aroma and flavor to any dish. Use your imagination and try it in any cooking creation.