Our Wild Aromatic Herbs are 100% natural and free of any processing, pesticides, chemical fertilizers, flavor or fragrance, additives and enhancers in every stage of their production, from the field to the jar/box. They are inspected in every stage of their development, maintaining the best environment for a symbiotic cultivation with our olive trees with minimum interference in nature’s faultless process. Hand-picked without use of heavy machinery and carefully dried by natural methods, in order to maintain their unique fragrance, flavor and beneficial properties. carefully sorted by hand, in order to collect only their leaves and flowers for packaging and packed, in premium glass jars and in re-sealable bags in carbon boxes, with specialized techniques and the highest safety standards, in our own new modern facilities, retaining their aroma, taste and superior quality intact.
Thats why they are awarded in international competitions for their exceptional taste and quality

Natural Product

In food add a small amount of the herb during the cooking process. Most herbs are added toward the end of the cooking process, in order to retain their aroma, flavor and nutritional properties.

Even a small amount is enough for great taste results.

For tea preparation boil water (200ml at 95ᵒC/203ᵒF) and withdraw it from heat. Add 1 tablespoon of herb and steep it for 5-15 minutes (depending on your taste preference). Strain the herb.  Add raw honey, if desired.