Our honey is collected directly from hives, which are constantly transferred in different regions of blossoming wildflowers and aromatic herbs or forests to obtain honey with the purest flavor. Harvested, with our presence and active participation. Unfiltered and extracted below 35 degrees, without pasteurization, and free of any chemical or heat treatment that destroys their nutritional properties, such as yeast enzymes and phenols.
Sealed and packaged by the highest quality and safety standards in premium glass jars, retaining their nutritional properties intact and prolonging their shelf life.
Constantly evaluated for their origin, color, aroma, flavor, viscosity, purity and quality by sensory evaluations and chemical tests at every stage of its production, from harvest to package
Awarded in international competitions for their exceptional taste and quality

Natural Product

Have a teaspoon of it as an anytime energy booster.

Try it over hot bread for a healthy breakfast

Enjoy it as a natural sweetener in your herbal warm tea or milk

Drizzle it over yogurt, ice cream, fruits and nuts for a nutritious snack

Combine it with Greek cheeses

Use it in marinades for game, poultry and pork

Combine it with extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar to prepare delicious dressings for green salads and roasted vegetables

Add it to the juice of one lemon for instant relief of persistent cough