Olive Oil

Our Superior Quality Extra Virgin Olive Oils are the result of organic farming practices, where no pesticides or chemicals are used at all stages of the production, from field to bottle. They are obtained from olive trees, aged between 5 and 200 years old, of the famous Koroneiki variety, known for its vivid green color, fresh and bitter flavor, distinct and long-standing aftertaste and high polyphenol levels.
Harvest is between October and December, thus we always monitor the growing conditions during the year and the ripeness of the fruit. They are extracted under very strict protocols and the most advanced methods, ensuring they retain their superior quality and beneficial components.
Pressed at low temperatures within hours after harvesting, retaining their freshness, unique aroma and taste, as well as their valuable nutritional components, while bottled with the highest standards, in our new modern facilities, in dark-shaded or painted bottles, to protect them from the harmful effects of light and oxygen. They are marked on the label for their origin (PGI) and constantly evaluated by certified tasting panels and through chemical analyses.
That is why they are awarded in international competitions for their exceptional taste and quality!

Natural Product
  • Extra virgin olive oil should be consumed as possible raw.
  • It is highly recommended for use in cooking and baking.
  • It is suitable for frying, because it oxidizes less than seed oils, thanks to the monounsaturated acids, it contains. In a frying pan, it should be heated to a medium heat at the beginning, increasing the level of heat gradually.