Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Our Superior Quality EVOΟs are ena ena:
• obtained from olive trees, aged up to 200 years old, of famous Greek varieties,
known for their nutritional characteristics, unique aromas and distinct flavours
• organically cultivated to maintain ideal growing conditions throughout the year,
thus sustaining the longevity of the trees and the microclimate of each region
• harvested between October and December, depending on the ripeness of the fruits
• extracted under very strict protocols, within hours after harvesting, maintaining their freshness, unique aroma and taste, as well as their valuable nutritional components
• stored in temperature controlled stainless steel tanks, with nitrogen for optimal preservation of their quality characteristics.
• bottled with the highest standards, in our facilities, with nitrogen added in all packages
to protect them from the harmful effects of light and oxygen.
• awarded year after year in international competitions for their exceptional taste and quality.