Greek Wild-Grown Herbs

Thyme Leaves & Flowers


Sensory Characteristics

Chemical Characteristics


Scientific Name

Thyme Serpyllum

Andros, Cyclades

Quality Attributes
100% natural, wild-grown, dried naturally, free of pesticides, chemical fertilizers, additives or enhancers, rich in flavor and essential oils

Hand-picked, 7-10 June 2020

Between mid May and early June, Greek wild thyme comes into full bloom dressed in its vivid, coruscating purple gown beneath our olive trees in Andros island. That is when we pick it by hand and make sure to preserve critical foliage and flower on the plant, so that we may enjoy it in blossom for years to come. By drying it naturally, we manage to retain its intense aroma, slightly spicy taste and valuable nutrients to their fullest.

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Resealable bag, Glass jar

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