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    Our aromatic herbs are ena ena grown wildly in abundance with our olive groves in a symbiotic cultivation

    Our Flowers

    Cultivation & Harvest

    Our wild-grown herbs are ena enagrown wildly in abundance in our olive groves in a symbiotic cultivation, with minimum interference in nature’s faultless process, carefully inspected in every stage of their development.

    They are 100% natural, free of pesticides, chemical fertilizers and additives. Our herbs are hand-picked, without use of heavy machinery, preserving every leaf and flower in its original form at picking time, with absolute respect to the plant and the ecosystem of the region.

    Dried, by natural methods, they maintain their unique fragrance, flavor and beneficial properties.

    Our Herbs

    Quality & Recognition

    Our aromatic herbs are sorted by hand, in order to collect only their leaves and flowers.

    They are packed with the highest safety standards in our facilities, retaining their aroma, taste and superior quality intact.

    Our herbs are constantly inspected by chemical and sensory evaluations and are multi-awarded in international competitions for their exceptional taste and quality.

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